?Top foods to detox after vaccination?

As every drug on the market vaccines also has side effects, as well many benefits for the overall health condition. We will briefly explain the main advantages and risks of getting vaccinated.

Pros and Cons to vaccinate your kid

Vaccination is a controversial subject in our modern days. This is mainly because a lot of speculations flood the web, but the truth is you can only count on your medic to advise you. The U.S. Food&Drug Administration serves detailed information about pros and cons of every known vaccine to help you decide what’s better for you and your family.

As every drug on the market vaccines also has side effects, as well as many benefits for the overall health condition. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of vaccines, that’s we have to keep yourself informed as much as possible.

Pros of getting your child vaccinated

Children are at greater risk

Vaccines are applicable to newborns, toddlers, teens, and adults. Babies and small children up to 7 years are more fragile to illnesses – with a weaker immune system. They are at higher risk of getting contaminated by dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases.

Vaccination stimulates the child’s organism to fight viruses and boosts the immune system. Kids become resistant to certain dangerous illnesses after immunization. If an adult organism is capable of competing diseases, the toddler’s body is unsteady, and in some cases, complications may occur.

Vaccines prevent dangerous diseases

This is absolute truth, no place to argue. Vaccination prevents illnesses such as hepatitis B, diphtheria, influenza and measles to name a few. Passing the vaccine for safety sake puts your kid at enormous risk. The percent of the effectiveness of vaccination amongst children is higher, compared to results in adults. A younger and healthier organism responds quickly to the virus and builds a stronger barrier for diseases.

Vaccination can be lifesavers

Many of the mentioned diseases are deadly. Vaccination seems to be the only way to lower the risk of death from certain illnesses amongst children. Furthermore, immunization is so far the only way to stop the epidemic spread.

Vaccines are carefully tested

The shots undergo strict testing for months and years before they are approved for usage. All risks and side effects- mild or severe are known and listed. All eventual risks and concerns are publically explained by the Centers for Disease Control, and anyone can take his own informed decision.

Cons of vaccination for your child

Mild risks

The more regular but mild side effects might occur after vaccination. They can appear for both babies, teens, and adults. The symptoms fade away after a day or two and sometimes even for hours. Some of them are:

  • Fever
  • Fuzziness and tiredness
  • A headache
  • Temperature
  • Swelling or redness

Mid-range risks

  • Fainting
  • Joint pain
  • High temperature
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle pain

Serious side effects

Severe symptoms occur in 1 in 10,000 to 30,000 shots, and the chance of developing severe side effects are minimal. Some of the infrequent and serious conditions after vaccination might be:

  • Seizure
  • Hemorrhage or bleeding
  • Asthma
  • Epilepsy
  • Certain allergies
  • Coma
  • Brain damage

Vaccination and syndromes

Many people are concerned vaccination can cause a predisposition for developing serious syndromes such as autism, Guillain Barre Syndrome, and SIDS. Still, these diseases are very rare, and it is not proven vaccines are the actual reason for getting them. All these conditions have an unspecified origin and are challenging to diagnose.


Adjuvants or additives are types of ingredients used in vaccines. They improve the immune response of the organism making it produce antibodies quicker. Many adjuvants are natural elements or chemical compounds, which in larger quantities can be toxic. Some vaccines, but not all contain mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, and antibiotics.

As a parent, you need to get informed with all recommended vaccines from 0 to 24 months your child should get. Currently, children are protected from 14 different pathogens and receive more than 20 shots for 24 months.

Keep yourself always updated with each vaccine

As a parent, you need to get informed with all recommended vaccines from 0 to 24 months your child should get. Currently, children are protected from 14 different pathogens and receive more than 20 shots for 24 months. The best vaccine guide on the market.

All of the obligatory vaccines in the CDC’s schedule, which is the official one, fight against dangerous and deadly illnesses.

Still, because it’s recommended it doesn’t mean you don’t need to inform yourself about the side effects of each vaccine.

This real story definitely will make you think twice before you take the shoot.

The vaccines you need to check are:

  • Hepatitis B and A
  • Rotavirus, RV1, and RV5
  • Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis (DTP)
  • Haemophilus influenza B type
  • Pneumococcal conjugate
  • Measles, rubella, mumps
  • Varicella
  • Meningococcal
  • Poliovirus

From the day of birth little ones get shot against hepatitis B. In the second month six more shots are coming. By the end of the first year, your baby will have 19 shots with different antigens. If you believe this schedule is inappropriate, you can change it. But you should also be aware this is not supported by any medical or healthcare organization. Your pediatrician can help you with rescheduling.

Remember vaccines have changed a lot over the years. Modern vaccines introduce a fewer number of antigens in one shot, then the vaccines in the past. This means the regular schedule is not as dangerous as we think.

Parents’ biggest concern is their babies get too many shots at once, sometimes up to 5. Speak with your pediatrician to vaccinate you baby step by step as he grows. This will help the little body to adapt to the injected antigens without threatening his immune system.

Another thing every parent needs to be aware of is the different type of vaccines- monovalent and multivalent (or polyvalent). Monovalent vaccines attack the immunity with one antigen, while multivalent immunize against more types of the same antigen or couple of different bacteria.

The monovalent vaccine regarding efficiency gives a better result and faster immune response. Multivalent such as DTP vaccines are not dangerous, and they mean fewer shots.

After vaccination, the body goes through a stressful phase. Consider it sick, as the vaccine is an actual virus, although weakened.

How to detox after vaccination

  • After vaccination, the body goes through a stressful phase. Consider it sick, as the vaccine is an actual virus, although weakened. Every person can benefit from a good detox program after vaccination and improve his overall condition.
  • Detox is a way to lower the chance of mild side effects and help your child’s immune system to fight the antigens. One detox program can last from 1 to 7 days and includes simple, but most important natural ingredients. It is appropriate for babies up to 2 years and toddlers.
  • Detox is also great for the mother, whether she has got the shot or not. If you’re breastfeeding your child, the detox process is almost necessary for you too. Babies get all the nutrition, vitamins, but also toxins from mother’s milk.

Besides the nutritional diet, some other tricks can help you and your baby to detox. Drinking a lot of water and freshly squeezed juices will take the heavy metals and chemicals out of your bodies. For a child, a good start of a detox program is between 4 and 7 cups of water per day. Try to avoid carbonated drinks, cola or preserved juices.

Vitamin C is a good old way to detox and fights fever symptoms, which often occur after vaccination. Taking Vitamin C chewing pills is a great supplement for the detox cycle.

Hot bath or sauna right after the vaccination is another trick to detox and improve health condition. For babies, sauna might be dangerous, but for older children of 2 and above is entirely safe. If you prefer the bath, you can put drops of essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, lemon or mint into the water. They relieve muscle pain, joint pain, soreness and redness of the skin.

The foods you choose for your detox diet are also of great importance. Let’s see what are the best foods for detox.

Top foods to use after vaccination Here are the foods, which are proven to detox your body after vaccination.

Top foods to use after vaccination

Here are the foods, which are proven to detox your body after vaccination.

Carrots: Carrots are famous as immune system boosters. They not only contain various vitamins such as D, E, B, and B6 but fight inflammation. You kid should consume them raw, in the form of fresh juice or puree. I get mine from here, organic 100% natural!

Spinach: Spinach is a tasty basic ingredient for raw soups and even smoothies. It is rich in iron and is a natural antioxidant. It is one of the foods with a lot of zinc, which one of the basic immune stimulants. This one is my favorite!

Yogurt: Yogurt is a natural detox probiotic containing lactobacillus bacteria. It is also rich in calcium and magnesium. A cup of fresh, natural yogurt twice daily will help your child to restore the balance in his body. Every grocery has a decent amount of yogurt options! 

Garlic: Glutathione – an important detox antioxidant is found in garlic. Glutathione prevents the destruction of cells and neutralizes the function of free radicals and heavy metals. We suggest giving extract capsules to your child, as the taste is too strong for young kids. Check out this one!

Elderberry: Elderberries used for syrup are strong antioxidants and anti-flu supplement. To prepare tasty syrup for your child, you need to boil the fruits with cinnamon and ginger. Elderberries juice is the best, I can drink it all day long!

Coriander: Coriander, also called Cilantro will help your kid’s kidneys to deal with the filtering of toxins. Coriander as a fresh herb is aromatic, and you can put it in smoothies, soups, and teas for detox. Usually you can get it from the grocery, but honestly, I prefer this one!

Codfish liver oil: Cod liver oil is one of the most famous detox natural product to restore good health after vaccination. It contains the signature of the organism omega three fatty acids which keep the immune balance. It is also rich in Vitamins A and D, perfect for inflammatory conditions and joint pain. Cod liver oil comes in pills as a food supplement. This reminds me I need to get mine, this what I get.

Dandelion: Dandelion detox tea can help with stomach problems or constipation, which are sometimes side effects after vaccination. The tea is made from the root of the plant and tastes a little bitter. You can add lemon to neutralize the bitterness. here

Quick detox after vaccination recipes for kids and adults

Quick detox after vaccination recipes for kids and adults

We selected some delicious and very quick recipes for detox soups, smoothies, and syrups with the ingredients listed above. Once they become part of your diet will restore the balance of your family’s immunity.

Detox spinach raw soup

Never heard of raw soup? It is the cousin of the smoothie and simple to prepare. For this one you will need:

  • 500 grams of baby spinach
  • One avocado
  • One cucumber
  • Peeled ginger root
  • Spices (avoid when cooking for babies)
  • One lemon
  • One tablespoon yogurt
  • 200 ml of water

How to prepare

Slice the cucumber and avocado and put them together with a piece of ginger in a blender. Add the spinach, the water and the juice of one lemon. Mix everything, and you will get a smooth greeny cream. Add spices and finally the yogurt as decoration.

Detox with coriander smoothie with cucumbers and limes

This one is fresh and ideal for breakfast. Here’re the ingredients:

  • One cucumber
  • Two limes
  • 5,6 stalks coriander
  • One banana
  • ¼ pineapple
  • Honey

How to prepare

In a blender put all of the veggies and fruits sliced. Smash everything and then add the coriander stalks and the honey. Mix again, and there’s your smoothie.

Homemade organic detox yogurt

Believe it or not, homemade yogurt has nothing to do with the one you buy from the market. To make your own, you need one free hour and empty jars.

  • 1-liter fresh milk
  • Four tablespoons thick yogurt
  • Jars and blanket

How to prepare

Put the milk to boil until it’s ready. You will know when to take it off when it starts to topple. Leave it for a while to get colder. The ideal temperature is about 37 to 40 degrees. Use a thermometer if you have one. If you don’t- use your finger.

If you feel it hot it not ready yet. Stir the yogurt well in a glass pot and pour a 1/4 of the warm fresh milk. Afterward slowly pour it the bigger pot with the fresh milk. Stir well and apportion it into the clean and dry jars.

Cover them with a blanket and leave them to get cold. A couple of hours are enough. Then you will see the magic – the homemade yogurt is ready. Don’t forget it has no preservatives so in 2, three days it will start to get quite sour.

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