?Potato Face Masks for Perfectly Smooth Skin

The best homemade potato face masks for real natural skin

Potatoes have the bad fame of a food high saturated of carbohydrates and deficient at proteins. While this is true, it can only affect your health if you don’t consume the vegetable as a part of a balanced diet.

What most people forget is they contain essential vitamins and minerals. In 100 grams of raw vegetable, you can find up to 32% Vitamin C, and also Vitamin B-6. One portion contains Potassium and Magnesium as well as dietary fiber.

In the past, they were used as a cure for stomach illnesses and discomfort. The juice from the vegetable can be part of a stomach ulcer treatment. Thanks to the starch it contains it improves digestion and helps in the formation of a protective layer of the stomach cavity.

DIY homemade potato face mask

Except being a necessary and nutritious food is also does excellent work for your skin. There are numerous homemade remedies for face and hair masks with potato. Used as the main ingredient, it can heal micro scars from acne or remove skin spots and darkening. The vegetable does fantastic work for the dark circles under the eyes and restores the fresh look tone of the skin.

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Combined with natural whitening products it can be a great skin whitening agent. Along with that has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. It works as an anti-inflammatory cure for irritated skin. Another benefit is its calming effect on sunburnt or dry and damaged skin.

We selected some of the most effective and easy to prepare at home DIY remedies for potato face masks.

Skin whitening mask

This DIY mask takes 10 minutes to prepare but gives terrific results only after a couple of procedures. You will need raw potato juice and juice from a lemon. They both have skin whitening properties and remove small scars. The mask also reduces the secretion of excess sebum, thus eliminated the oily look of the face.

It is a good solution for face cleaning, it tones and stretches the loose skin. It’s recommended for people who want to remove unwanted skin colorization. Dark spots and uneven skin tone is more often a permanent problem, which you can solve with entirely natural products at your home.

• One tbs potato juice;
• One tbs squeezed lemon;
• Skin moisturizer.

The best and easiest way to extract the juice from the potato is to grate it and put in a thin mesh fabric. Mix it with the squeezed lemon and use cotton tampons to wet your face with the liquid. It takes a couple of minutes to dry. You can leave it for 10 or 15 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.

Don’t forget to use skin moisturized to prevent extra sebum production and skin drying.

Face-lifting DIY mask with yogurt

Face-lifting DIY mask

Potato face masks are fantastic against deep wrinkles. This mask with yogurt is suitable for weekly use. It will refresh your skin and softly exfoliate it, thanks to the lactic acid in yogurt. The combination of the two ingredients will shrink the large pores and leave you with smooth and shining skin. Yogurt is often used as a treatment for sunburns or acne-prone skin. It is also anti-bacterial and moisturizing, so this mask is appropriate for every type of skin.

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As an alternative, you can prepare it with boiled sweet potato, which is rich in Vitamin A and D. It has all the noted benefits, and it also helps keep your skin elasticity.

• One tbs mashed raw white or boiled sweet potato;
• One tbs thick full-fat yogurt;
• One tbs honey.


Put the raw vegetable in the blender or just fine grate it. If you choose to use sweet potato boil it first in a small amount of water and remove the skin. Mix it well with the yogurt and add one spoon of honey. Honey here is an essential ingredient as it will keep the moisture inside the skin and will prevent it from drying.

Leave the remedy for 15 minutes and wash with warm water. You can put a little moisturizer for a finish.

Face refreshing treatment with green tea

Face refreshing treatment with potato and green tea

This DIY remedy is not for a mask, but it will surprise you with its stimulating effect. It uses potato slices and fresh green tea.

This is an excellent solution for treatment after a long day, and it will make your face shining. It extracts the pollutants from the epidermis and improves cell regeneration. Green tea is famous for its antioxidants and helps you purify your body from the toxins. Check this out

The best thing about this remedy is it can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days and used multiple times.

• Thin slices potato;
• One teaspoon of green tea, I buy mine from here.

For the preparation use natural whole leaf green tea with no extra flavors added. Don’t boil it but pour hot water around 180 F. The water shouldn’t be too hot, so leave it for 1, 2 minutes to cool down. Leave the leaves for 3, 4 minutes and pour the tea in a jar and leave it to cool.

Chop the vegetable in thin slices and leave them to soak into the green tea. The tea should be at room temperature. Put it in the fridge for one day. In the evening put slices on your cheeks and eyes, lay and relax for 15 minutes.

Since the slices are cold, they will relief soaring eyes and will chase away the fatigue. There’s no need to wash your face, leave it dry. You can store the slices for 2, three days soaked in tea and reuse them.

Skin healing mask with turmeric

Skin healing mask

Didn’t know the yellow spice can be great for skincare? Turmeric is a magical spice used as a food supplement and helps fight dermatological problems. The spice may help symptoms of irritated skin, eczema, and psoriasis. For beauty, procedures are favored for its anti-bacterial advantages. It is appropriate for people with acne problems and skin wounds. The turmeric mask rejuvenates the upper layer and flattens the tan.

After use, it may leave a yellowish residue, which will gradually fade away after a couple of hours. While this is normal, you should be careful not to use large amounts of the spice at once. It may sometimes cause allergies as it is strong. The remedy is a way to bring diversity to your beauty plan, but should not be applied more than once a week.

• One tbs smashed raw potato;
• ½ tbsp turmeric, I use this one
• ½ tbs honey ( optional ).

It’s easy to prepare it, blend everything and apply immediately. You’ll get a thick paste, and optionally you can add honey for a moisturizing effect. The mask can stay up to 15. Wash it away with cool water, and you’re done.

Cell regenerating all-season mask

Cell regenerating all-season mask

This DIY remedy is appropriate for mature skins of all types. It uses natural anti-aging products with an uplifting effect. The carrot and glycerin are both anti-wrinkle agents. The natural pigment beta-carotene containing in the carrots is beneficial for skin regeneration. When it contacts the epidermis and absorbed by the body it is converted into Vitamin A. Vitamin A, also known as Retinol, is vital for cell regeneration. It is strong anti-oxidant helping the skin restore from damage.

By combining strong natural products, you can be sure your face will shine. Fresh carrots, as well as the sweet almond oil, are a good solution for the protection of the sensitive skin. They improve their resistance to UV rays and intense sun. Almond oil as appropriate for all types of skin and it’s hypoallergenic.

The potato combined with the other ingredients will lift up the skin and visibly reduce deep wrinkles.

• Two tbs raw potato puree;
• One tbs raw carrot puree;
• ½ or 1 tbs almond oil.

Grate your vegetables well and mix them in a glass bowl. Add the almond oil, for oily skin ½ tablespoon and full spoon for dry. You’ll get a soft, creamy paste. Put a thick layer on your face and leave it to work for 30 minutes. To remove it use lukewarm water and mild soap. You can use it every once in a week.

Dry skin remedy with milk and egg yolk

Dry skin remedy with milk, potato, and egg yolk

If your face skin is dry and peeling, you can try a homemade mask with boiled potato and milk. Milk is rich with nutrients, vitamins and contains protein. It can be part of every winter mask or homemade cream. It also has some lightening effect and normalizes tan when applied as a tonic and left to stay overnight.

Another ingredient is the egg yolk which appears widely in DIY hair masks. It is because it can lock the moisture inside tissues and does incredible work for dry skin and hair. It also contains a high quantity of proteins, Vitamin D, A and B-12.

Dry skin will shine again and remain soft without producing too much oil after the procedure.

• One big potato;
• One egg yolk
• 1-2 tbs raw whole milk.

Smash the boiled potato while it’s still hot with its skin in a blender along with the other products. You’ll get creamy substance with yellow color. It should appear puffy and soft. Put a thick layer of the paste on your face and let it sit for 20 minutes. It should be warm when you use it.

You can wash it off with water and glycerin soap. Don’t leave your face without moisturizer even if you feel it soft.

Quick DIY mask for blackheads removal

Quick DIY mask for blackheads removal

There are hundreds of homemade costumes for blackheads removal. It is because it’s a hard job to get get rid of blackheads, they always appear again. A full treatment should include diet, like sugar, caffeine, and foods rich in carbohydrates make blackheads appear even more. Smoking does terrible things to the skin, and it’s also one of the major preconditions for blackhead appearance.

Of course, personal hygiene is essential, and there are quick tricks to help your skin stop producing excess oil and to shrink pores, so they don’t get clogged. Using potato along with cucumber juice is a quick and inexpensive way to forget about clogged pores.

• One tbs juice from 1 raw potato;
• One tbs juice from fresh cucumber;
• Lavender oil, this one is my favorite

Use this natural tonic to wash your face with soft brush or cloth. Put some extra efforts on the problematic areas such as the nose, chin or cheeks. Don’t rub too loud as you might irritate your skin. Leave the tonic to dry at the air and then wash it with clean water. Put one, two drops lavender oil on your fingertips and softly rub your skin after.

Lavender oil works antiseptic, kills bacteria and will prevent the appearance of new blackheads. You can do the procedure twice a week or even often.

Natural skincare products are the best way to take care of yourself. Potatoes are inexpensive, vitamin and mineral rich beauty products found in every grocery store. With a little inspiration and 15 minutes of free time per day, you can restore the glow and fresh look of your face.

If you’re very busy and you don’t have time to make one by yourself, you can take a look at this selection of natural face moisturizers. 

Have you already tried some of the DIY potato face remedies? Let us know at the comments below, what you think?

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