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7️⃣Top seven mythical creatures; I’ve never heard for the 5 one

Society felt the need to believe in the supernatural power of the Universe from ancient times. Because the world is not a very easy place to be, people wanted to know that there are hope and justice. The form of the universal mystical power that happens sooner or later had different kinds through the centuries.

The unproved existence of the mythical creatures is one of the ways of the belief in supernatural powers. These magical animals if we can call them so, had a powerful connection with the Gods. They helped and shared some of their skills.

What is a mythical creature?

What is very specific for the mythical creatures is that they are a mixture of two or more animals. For example, they have four legs, like the horse, and at the same time wings. That means they have strong sides from both animals. And often in the stories and legends, they can talk and act like humans. Thanks to their powers to fly and ride fast can go everywhere in a blink of an eye.

This interesting phenomenon is strongly connected with the national stories and folklore. In this line of thoughts, every nation has its legendary mythical creatures. It is for sure is that these creatures have never existed.

They are only created from the imagination, the legends and they live through the belief of the nation. Mostly have positive deeds and are willing to help, though they are strong and big, most of them are no threat.

Top seven mythical creatures and what do they mean


Amongst some of the most beautiful and the first one to think of is the unicorn. The most common picture of this one of the mythical creatures is a strong white horse with a horn on its head.

The unicorn is always noble and symbol of the good.

According to the legend, the unicorns lived deep in the woods. This one of all preferred to hide from the people because they were bad. They knew the strength of the unicorn was in its corn. That is why they were hunting it for decades like it was a game.

What they believed was the corn would give them superpowers to heal and fight. What they did not know is that the real power of the unicorn was in its nobility and a good heart. The society has always been keen on the idea to get good and worthy things easy and fast. That is why the unicorn was untraceable, to show them that good things happen with many effort and dedication.

The power of this of the mythical creatures was to recognize with no mistake people with good souls and thoughts. Again as the legend says, only those who keep the good inside themselves can see the unicorn. That is why no one can confirm to had seen one. That’s why the unicorn is legendary and mythic. Today the sweet unicorn with the rainbow-colored horn is one of the kids’most favorite cartoon character.


The legend for it is spread through many folklores and religions. The dragons live their own story outside the mythical part. Though there are many types of dragons, usually all of them have similar features. These are big, really big like a mountain.

They have four legs, two wings because they fly instead of walk, and long, strong tale. What’s most important – dragons can breathe fire. There are many theories about why the human imagination created the dragons to look exactly like they do.

According to one of them, people often project their greatest fears with the mythical creatures like the dragons. The long tale and tongue connect the dragon very much to the snake. And this is the scariest animal of all for the high percentage of people around the world, especially the small kids.

The usual places of living of the dragons also reveal some of the deepest darkest areas of the human fears. The creatures are believed to occupy dark caves and forests, wild mountains and deep sea bottoms.

If these beliefs connect the dragons with the bad, their role in the Eastern religions is much different. For example, in the Chinese calendar, the dragon is the king. It has the greatest power, understanding and keeps the balance in the universe. It is also a symbol of strength and strong will. People, born under this sign, are considered to be lucky.


The griffon is a mixture between two kings – king of birds, which is the eagle, and the king of the jungle – the lion. If you look at a picture of this creature, you will see it has the wings and the specific head of the bird-king. The rest of the body, the tale, and the legs belong to the lion king. The legend for the existence of the griffon is connected in its great part with the folklore of the near East nations.

Do you think that the Bermuda triangle is connected with one of those creatures? Find out here Facts about the Bermuda triangle

There are hints for its presence in the history of ancient Egypt and Iran, dated from 3000 years B.C. The griffon is one of the most popular of the mythical creatures. It has a very interesting role than as a symbol of life alone and the loyalty to the partner in marriage.

Due to the fact, that its looks are brave and express power, griffon is often chosen to be part of any heraldic symbols. A curious point to mention is that in British symbols the griffin is missing some of its usual parts.

One can see there are no wings in the British heraldic symbols with a griffon on it. Nowadays, when it is used, this one of the most popular mythical creatures expresses both strength of mind and the body. We may say the griffon is very modern because it is a symbol of SAAB Aircraft and Automobile con, can.


It is my personal favorite because when hearing mythical creatures first to think of is a horse. And to be honest, unicorn sounds unserious; Pegasus is a different thing. It seems the only right and logic combination between different body parts.

The Pegasus has a muscular body of a horse or stallion to be more accurate, usually white, and big wings. This creature is extraordinary. It is a child of God Poseidon, which makes the Pegasus exceptional. That is why it is very strongly connected with Greek mythology.

There are many stories with Pegasus, often taking part in fights and being a winner. The symbolism of this one of the mythical creatures varied through the centuries. In XV century Pegasus meant the joy of warrior’s fame and wisdom for the world.

Later in the centuries, because of its grace and beauty, the creature was the main inspiration of the poets. In the myths and legends, Pegasus is most often mentioned along with the hero Bellerophon. They usually ride together and won many fights.

According to the title, their most important battle was against the Hydra – furious sea monster. What is important to understand is that Pegasus was considered to have a special place among the Gods. This creature lives on Olymp. Bellerophon was the first mortal to ride it. And that is what makes the story so unique.


The angels are amongst the exceptions of the mythical creature, who do not have an animal body. They are human beings with wings, often drawn with a unique light surrounding them. They have the role of guardians of the good and those who were treated improperly.

Angels are a strong religious symbol for the Christians, who bring the God’s will on Earth. That is why they are often dressed in white and have calm and good faces. Angels though can also be bad.

Like Gabriel – the angel who only brings destruction and death. Amongst all mythical creatures, angels are the ones for which existence there are numerous proves. Back to the idea for the angels, it is believed that they only have a soul.

They are not supposed to have a form and face; they are simply the good spirit on the Earth. However, people gave them physical form especially in art, because that is what people need to believe in. Though the angels are not supposed to be identified of a certain sex, most of them are males. There are several types of angels, according to their powers, like seraphim, cherubims, etc.

There is a special group, called “ fallen angels.“ They are different from the fact that they were expelled from Heaven and send on the Earth. No matter from which group, angels as mythical creatures, have found a great place in human life. They symbolize the belief in miracles, in the justice and the good defeating the evil.


Cyclops are amongst the most interesting and noticeable of the mythical creatures. Though they have the face and physics of a human, they are giants, really tall and big.


The Cyclops are creatures from the mythology of Ancient Greece.

You can not confuse them because they only have one big round eye in the middle of their face. According to the legend, they lived separately on an unknown island. Like every other creature of this type, they were also one hundred percent born from human imagination.

Though people connected them with everyday work. As giants, they were believed to be clumsy and rude. But the one thing they could do perfectly was blacksmithing. To make their story undoubtful, the Ancient Greeks connected them with the Gods on the Olymp.

The Cyclops were three brothers, born from Gaia with father Uranus. Maybe for the lack of sophistication, they were thrown in prison by their father. Later another famous brother of theirs – Cronus – gave them freedom.

The reason he did this was not from brother’s love. He used them to take the throne from their famous father and then send them back to the prison. Not a very happy story indeed. Finally, they were killed by Apolon and disappeared from the mythology for a very long time.

Later they were mentioned again, but as unfeeling monsters, who used to eat people. To make the existence of this mythical creature more truthful, the legends claim many of the Gods’atributes were their deed. Amongst the mentioned is the helmet of darkness, which Hades wore. Another is Poseidon’s trident, and last but not least the famous thunderbolt of Zeus.


The last one top mythical creature to mention is the Hydra. It is in the last position may be because it is the ugliest one of all. That, of course, was a joke. Beautiful or not Hyrda also had its legends and superpower. As it is easy to guess from the name, this is a water creature.

Its body looks like a serpentine, and it has multiple heads coming out of it. It is not easy to kill Hydra. The legend does not specify how many heads it should have. But one thing is for sure – for every head cut-off, two more would grow immediately. All this makes it very hard to be defeated.

Besides Hydra is very strong and mean, it also has poison in its bread. If one gets in contact with its blood, when it is injured, he or she can even die. Because the blood of Hydra is poisonous as well. This creature’s origins are also connected with the mythical Gods.

The legend says that it lived in a lake called Lerna. The story claims there was the gate to the Underworld. And the Hydra was its guardian. The killer of the Hydra is the brave Hercules, who managed to do so by using at the same time a sword and fire.


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