?Triangle Symbol – Meaning and Representation

A triangle is extremely ancient.

The shape of the triangle you can see in nature in the shapes of animals and tree leaves. It is very used to portray various meanings of religion and science.

The triangle is a universal symbol signifying a wide variety of trinities. According to Christianity, it represents the Father (God), Son and Holy Ghost; in the Egyptian system Osiris-Isis-Horus and the Greco-Roman Zeus-Poseidon-Hades.

triangle ancient book

Based on its position, it can symbolize genders. It will express the power of the male when the point is directed upwards. If you turn it on the other side directed downwards, it will represent the sexual nature of the female.

The peaks in triangles make us think of greatness and superiority. Just see the three stripes in Adidas’s logo. It is done to show you a mountain. It is a challenge to push yourself and to be the best you can.

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Triangles also can lead our eye in a certain way.

triangle third eyeBecause of its shape, our eyes naturally follow the direction of the tip. An upright triangle will make us watch up; a triangle on its side will move our eye sideways to the left or right. It is why the universal symbol of play is a triangle.

Triangles can mean stability when they’re upright. Like this, they feel stable and balanced.


At the moment you invert them, they start feeling unbalanced, unstable and risky.

They can symbolize conflict and action. delta symbolThe mathematical symbol delta (triangle) means difference, a change and in many countries the traffic sign that indicates hazard is a triangle.

If it is about your brand, get a designer to advise you and help you with the goal; if it is to increase the energy in your home, find an expert on the topic.

It is a powerful symbol that can raise you up or bury you deep in the ground. Triangle is not the only symbol that has a supernatural meaning, there are a lot more here.

We created a list of all available triangle symbols out there in one big table

Alt + 8227 2023 ‣ Triangular Bullet
Alt + 8710 2206 ∆ Delta Or Increment
Alt + 8882 22B2 ⊲ Normal Subgroup Of
Alt + 8883 22B3 ⊳ Contains As Normal Subgroup
Alt + 8895 22BF ⊿ Right Triangle
Alt + 8904 22C8 ⋈ Bowtie
Alt + 8905 22C9 ⋉ Left Normal Factor Semidirect Product
Alt + 8906 22CA â‹Š Right Normal Factor Semidirect Product
Alt + 9010 2332 ⌲ Conical Taper
Alt + 9650 25B2 â–² Black Up-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 9651 25B3 â–³ White Up-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 9652 25B4 â–´ Black Up-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 9653 25B5 â–µ White Up-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 9654 25B6 â–¶ Black Left Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 9655 25B7 â–· White Right-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 9656 25B8 â–¸ Black Right-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 9657 25B9 â–¹ White Right-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 9658 25BA â–º Black Right Pointing Triangle
Alt + 9659 25BB â–» White Right-Pointing Pointer
Alt + 9660 25BC â–¼ Black Down-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 9661 25BD â–½ White Down-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 9662 25BE â–¾ Black Down-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 9663 25BF â–¿ White Down-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 9664 25C0 â—€ Black Right Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 9665 25C1 ◁ White Left-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 9666 25C2 â—‚ Black Left-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 9667 25C3 â—ƒ White Left-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 9668 25C4 â—„ Black Left Pointing Triangle
Alt + 9669 25C5 â—… White Left-Pointing Pointer
Alt + 9698 2.50E+03 â—¢ Black Lower Right Triangle
Alt + 9699 2.50E+04 â—£ Black Lower Left Triangle
Alt + 9700 2.50E+05 â—¤ Black Upper Left Triangle
Alt + 9701 2.50E+06 â—¥ Black Upper Right Triangle
Alt + 9708 25EC â—¬ White Up-Pointing Triangle With Dot
Alt + 9709 25ED â—­ Up-Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black
Alt + 9710 25EE â—® Up-Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black
Alt + 9888 26A0 âš  Warning Sign
Alt + 10698 29CA ⧊ Triangle With Dot Above
Alt + 10699 29CB ⧋ Triangle With Underbar
Alt + 10700 29CC ⧌ S In Triangle
Alt + 10701 29CD ⧍ Triangle With Serifs At Bottom
Alt + 10702 29CE ⧎ Right Triangle Above Left Triangle
Alt + 10703 29CF ⧏ Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar
Alt + 10704 29D0 ⧐ Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle
Alt + 10705 29D1 ⧑ Bowtie With Left Half Black
Alt + 10706 29D2 ⧒ Bowtie With Right Half Black
Alt + 10707 29D3 ⧓ Black Bowtie
Alt + 10708 29D4 ⧔ Times With Left Half Black
Alt + 10709 29D5 ⧕ Times With Right Half Black
Alt + 10710 29D6 ⧖ White Hourglass
Alt + 10711 29D7 ⧗ Black Hourglass
Alt + 10728 2.90E+09 ⧨ Down-Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black
Alt + 10729 2.90E+10 ⧩ Down-Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black
Alt + 10781 2A1D ⨝ Join
Alt + 10782 2A1E ⨞ Large Left Triangle Operator
Alt + 10809 2A39 ⨹ Plus Sign In Triangle
Alt + 10810 2A3A ⨺ Minus Sign In Triangle
Alt + 10811 2A3B ⨻ Multiplication Sign In Triangle
Alt + 10852 2A64 ⩤ Z Notation Domain Antirestriction
Alt + 10853 2A65 â©¥ Z Notation Range Antirestriction
Alt + 128208 1F4D0 ? Triangular Ruler
Alt + 128314 1F53A ? Up-Pointing Red Triangle
Alt + 128315 1F53B ? Down-Pointing Red Triangle
Alt + 128316 1F53C ? Up-Pointing Small Red Triangle
Alt + 128317 1F53D ? Down-Pointing Small Red Triangle

ΔΔΔgreek capital letter delta

ΛΛΛgreek capital letter lambda

ׯׯhebrew yod triangle


⃤⃤combining enclosing upward pointing triangle



⊿⊿⊿right triangle


⎊⎊circled triangle down


⏃⏃dentistry symbol light vertical with triangle

⏄⏄dentistry symbol light down and horizontal with triangle

⏅⏅dentistry symbol light up and horizontal with triangle

⏩⏩black right-pointing double triangle

⏪⏪black left-pointing double triangle

⏫⏫black up-pointing double triangle

⏬⏬black down-pointing double triangle

⏭⏭black right-pointing double triangle with vertical bar

⏮⏮black left-pointing double triangle with vertical bar

⏯⏯black right-pointing triangle with double vertical bar

⏴⏴black medium left-pointing triangle

⏵⏵black medium right-pointing triangle

⏶⏶black medium up-pointing triangle

⏷⏷black medium down-pointing triangle

â–²▲black up-pointing triangle

â–³△△white up-pointing triangle

â–´▴▴black up-pointing small triangle

â–µ▵▵white up-pointing small triangle

â–¶▶black right-pointing triangle

â–·▷white right-pointing triangle

â–¸▸▸black right-pointing small triangle

â–¹▹▹white right-pointing small triangle

â–¼▼black down-pointing triangle

â–½▽▽white down-pointing triangle

â–¾▾▾black down-pointing small triangle

â–¿▿▿white down-pointing small triangle

â—€◀black left-pointing triangle

◁◁white left-pointing triangle

â—‚◂◂black left-pointing small triangle

â—ƒ◃◃white left-pointing small triangle

â—¢◢black lower right triangle


â—£◣black lower left triangle


â—¤◤black upper left triangle


â—¥◥black upper right triangle


â—¬◬◬white up-pointing triangle with dot

â—­◭up-pointing triangle with left half black

â—®◮up-pointing triangle with right half black

â—¸◸◸upper left triangle

â—¹◹◹upper right triangle

â—º◺◺lower left triangle

â—¿◿lower right triangle


â››⛛heavy white down-pointing triangle

➝➝triangle-headed rightwards arrow

âžž➞heavy triangle-headed rightwards arrow

➟➟dashed triangle-headed rightwards arrow

âž ➠heavy dashed triangle-headed rightwards arrow

⟁⟁white triangle containing small white triangle

⧊⧊triangle with dot above

⧋⧋triangle with underbar


⧌⧌s in triangle


⧍⧍⧍triangle with serifs at bottom

⧎⧎⧎right triangle above left triangle

⧏⧏⧏left triangle beside vertical bar

⧐⧐⧐vertical bar beside right triangle

⧨⧨down-pointing triangle with left half black

⧩⧩down-pointing triangle with right half black

⨞⨞large left triangle operator

⨨⨨plus sign with black triangle

⨹⨹⨹plus sign in triangle

⨺⨺⨺minus sign in triangle

⨻⨻⨻multiplication sign in triangle

?📐triangular ruler


?🔺up-pointing red triangle

?🔻down-pointing red triangle

?🔼up-pointing small red triangle

?🔽down-pointing small red triangle

?🛆triangle with rounded corners

≜≜≜delta equal to

⊲⊲⊲normal subgroup of

⊳⊳⊳contains as normal subgroup

⊴⊴⊴normal subgroup of or equal to

⊵⊵⊵contains as normal subgroup or equal to

â‹«⋫⋫does not contain as normal subgroup


?Everything About Triangle Symbol

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    I just got a triangle tattoo with butterflies and blowing wind. Reminded me of when Jesus was killed on the cross and the aftermath of how beautiful it was with the sunset. It was heartbreaking though.

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