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The ultimate gift guide for your boyfriend

Why are men always so hard to buy for? No matter how much they try to protest, we all know boyfriends are nigh on impossible to buy presents for, regardless of the occasion.


Opting for clothes as a gift can be tricky. Often, you’re just as likely to know what your boyfriend wants as much as he does, which isn’t much! When buying clothing as a gift, opt for a style you know he likes.

Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with a simple yet versatile belt. It’s an easy yet effective choice as it will double his outfit options. Go for something with an adjustable fit that is 100% leather and has a gunmetal buckle and he won’t look back.

If your boyfriend is big into his casual leisurewear, look no further than Gym King Tracksuits. Much like a good leather belt, they are versatile enough to be ideal for the gym, or as a casual daytime look that will help him achieve that loungewear-luxe aesthetic – meaning he won’t cramp your style. These tracksuits are available in a range of colors and styles from plain to panel color block, crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies, and bomber jackets.


Why not buy a cool gadget to help release his inner geek/child? Every man and his dog loathes the sound of an iPhone alarm first thing in the morning, so buy him an informative clock! These clocks come with a sound-activated display and automatically turn off when it’s quiet.

A fully-equipped drone is also a good shout as it will be something new and fun to him, meaning you can keep him busy while you have some ‘me time’! Plus, with reels of a stunning image and video capture, it could yield some pretty cool results too.

You can also buy him a cool charger. Keep him in touch with a versatile, slim, high-speed USB charger complete with two universal ports able to charge multiple devices at a time. No excuses for not texting back or being late again!

Food and drink

Gin is huge at the moment and in bars seem to be popping up here, there and everywhere. Let’s be honest, men enjoy a good cocktail just as much as the ladies, meaning it’s likely your man is a fan of pink gin just as much as you are. Not every man loves dark liquor and ale so treat him to a bottle of premium gin instead.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Treat him to his favorite meal, whether it’s a spicy curry, a nice rump steak or a greasy burger. Your man may even have a sweet tooth and nowadays, there are a ton of websites that allow you to create your own sweet hamper and will put it together for you and deliver it straight to his door. You could even get creative and make your own as sometimes you just can’t beat a homemade personalized gift.


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