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Top 10 Vietnam beaches to spend your vacation

Why visit Vietnam beaches?

The Asian continent has always been attractive and exotic for many tourists from all over the world. There are places like China, India, Cambodia, and Thailand which are popular for many years and are ideal destinations.

There are also new spots like the Vietnam beaches and the country of Vietnam. This place has been discovered by the visitors several years ago and has developed fastly to suit tourists interests. If still wondering whether to go there or not, here are some hints to take the best decision.

Vietnam is one of the top destinations for surfing. There are many natural spots, still not touched and reconstructed from people. They give a great opportunity for the surfers to ride with the wind. The Vietnam beaches are clear and untouched, but still offering entertainment and time well-spent.

Another interesting part of having a vacation in Vietnam is trying the local food. It is very different from the European and American style, and that is why so attractive. Traditional Vietnamese food includes mixing opposite tastes like sweet and salty. It is also mostly prepared from fresh food, which also makes it very tasty.

Before you visit Vietnamese beaches

There are significant natural objects to be seen, many historical places and monuments to take pictures with. Visitors should plan their vacation carefully. If you are about to start a journey to Vietnam make sure you have enough time to see the exciting parts.

What tourists should always be careful about are the things they carry and how much you pay for anything. The one specific and frustrating thing is that a person never knows what the price of the goods is. Everything is negotiable. Also, remember that often street food is better and fresher than the one in the restaurant. And keep an eye on your staff – all the time if possible.

Weather and climate is another important thing to help to take a decision. Surely every tourist will love to have sun and fun. Unfotunelty there is no season in Vietnam that will guarantee that. It is always a risk to win or loose 50/50 with the forecast. Humidity and rains are part of the whole year. It also can get hot and cold at any time. No matter the weather, the visit to this Asian country is always an adventure.

Top ten Vietnam beaches

The Vietnam beaches were not accidentally mentioned first as the best reason to visit the country. One thing is for sure – it will be difficult to pick just one to go to. There are so many Vietnam beaches that worth seeing. But the time will not be enough for all of them. That is why it is useful if the best of them are pointed. This will make planning the vacation easier. And will make it less possible to skip visiting some of Vietnam beaches that are good.

Due to the specific situation of the country, there are more than 2000 miles of golden sands in Vietnam. The good thing is that the top beaches are spread equally all over the territory of the place.

Ha Long Bay

Starting with the North coast, there we can find one of the famous Vietnam beaches. This is the Ha Long Bay. Though it is not a classical beach, it is a nice place to visit and stay longer. Surely swimming is amongst the many activities you can do there.

But the spot is much more than this. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Monkey Island is great for kayaking and hiking. There are many other spots excellent for camping or just enjoying the site. There are dozens of caves and natural parts, designed only by nature.

For those keen on fishing, there is a whole village, where they can explore their favorite activity. While looking for the best Vietnam beaches make sure you took the tour of the islands there. Most of them are unspoiled. There are also nice places to try the local food along with great views.

Tuan Chao Beach

Continuing with the Northern part, there are several places near the big city of Hanoi. These Vietnam beaches are mandatory to see. Situated just across the Ha Long Bay is the Tuan Chao Beach. The two kilometers long artificial sand area is successfully combined with luxury hotels to stay. The accommodation is accompanied by great restaurants, where visitors can enjoy food and nature.

What is impressive about the place is the amazing building of the entertainment center and its daily shows. The seal-lions, seals, and dolphins are a great attraction for the tourists from all over the world. Unlike most of the Vietnam beaches, this area is for more sophisticated people looking for luxury. This does not mean that there is no nature. The accent is on comfort and pleasure.

Cat Ba Island

Another massive natural and entertainment center is Cat Ba Island. Like the Ha Long Bay, this island is the pearl of the South-Eastern part of Vietnam beaches. There are numerous romantic beaches there. They have the interesting names like Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3. The three beaches are the ones with the calmest water of the Vietnam beaches.

They are also quite and isolated, and that is why great for newly married couples, seeking romance. There is a nice narrow path, connecting Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 3. Walking on it will be an amazing way to enjoy the place and its nature. For those who only want to rest and to be left alone, pick Cat Co 2. While staying in the area, make sure you have seen the magnificent floating fish village.

Nha Trang beach

Back to the North part, there is the beach of Nha Trang. Its golden sands are stretching on six kilometers along the water. This pearl of the Vietnam beaches of the North part can offer everything to its visitors. There is the quite part when people can lay calmly under the sun.

There is also a modern area with plenty of restaurants, bars and places for entertainment. Like most of the Vietnam beaches, there are boats to rent and discover the beauty of the area. Except for November and December, this spot is good to visit all year.

Phu Quoc

A little jump to the West and we arrive at the Island of Phu Quoc. This distant point attracts tourists from all over the world. The Vietnam beaches of Phu Quoc Island offer a massive variety of water activities. Snorkeling and scuba diving can be practiced almost in every part of the year.

This two activities can bring unforgettable sights and joy. Visitors who will prefer to stay on the surface can try the jet skiing. There is also the opportunity to ride with the wind with a boat across the area. The tourist, who are keen on fishing will be satisfied to include pictures with their catch to the vacation.

Dai Lanh

Dai Lanh beach on the Hon Ghom Peninsula is another great place to stay both for an overnight or longer. The sparkling sands are washed day and night from the waters of the East Sea. The place is an amazing combination of sea and beautiful mountains. Though it is so amazing, the place is not a commercial, crowded vacation place.

And this fact is only in its favor. Those seeking for quietness are especially coming there. Many are stopping accidentally while traveling on the highway nearby. No matter the reason for stopping, this place, and its beaches will leave anyone breathless.
There are many reasons which attract tourists to the Dai Lanh beaches. Not like most of the Vietnam beaches, it is both on the budget and at the same time clean and calm. The microclimate makes the months from April to August warm and ideal for visiting.

Me Khe Beach

The opposite of natural untouched flora and fauna is the luxurious beach of Ma Khe. This is the all-time glamorous and shiny of the Vietnam beaches. Me Khe Beach is rated in the World top places for sunbathing, the spot was promoted in one of the American TV channels. This made it attractive and famous, and therefore preferred and visited. The place is not only beautiful by nature, the clear sands, and the hotels. The beach and the area are connected with excellent infrastructure with the rest of the district.

Quy Nhon

Not far away from Ma Khe beach and still not less picturesque is the Quy Nhon beach. Compared to other Vietnam beaches it is small and distant and beautiful place for the local people to rest undisturbed. The beach is preferred from adventurists and is exciting and mystique.

Ca Na Beach

Lying on the South coast is the Ca Na Beach. For many reasons, this place can be one of the top Vietnam beaches. It can offer very clear waters and comfortable beach for sunbathing. Fresh air and a vacation will make a visitor renewed.

The Ca Na beach area is great for ecotourism and enjoying the local food. It is a windy and sometimes chilly place. But this is not a disadvantage. It is the primary charm of the place. People who stayed there claim that the wind sounds like a calm and mysterious song.

Cua Dai Beach

Classic beach area where you can stretch and rest under the sun endlessly from dusk till dawn. There is a narrow but clean sand line with multiple cafes and restaurants to add comfort to your vacation. It will be a nice idea to taste different meals every day of the stay.

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