Vin Diesel Story of Success; One of The Most Inspiring Actors

Vin Diesel is one of the iconic figures in show business today

Vin Diesel is one of the iconic figures in show business today. His most successful role as Dominic Toretto made him a symbol of a bad boy fighting for what is right. At the same time, he is protective of his family and closest friends.

His believes and personality were built way back in the past in his childhood. Few people can guess what his real name was. We all know that there are not many Holywood actors that kept their real name.

Vin’s First Years

It is essential to create a name that is easily pronounced and remembered. The other option is to come up with something extraordinary. So strange name which will make everybody google it and learn something about the actor. I think Vin Diesel can be connected with the second option. Vin is acceptable. But how many people do you know with second name Diesel? That is right his real name is not that. He was born in 1967 with the name Marc Sinclair.

He was one of the twin brothers; the other is named Paul. It sounds like a prediction knowing how close he is going to be in the future with his fellow actor Paul Walker. This famous actor, producer, and screenwriter have never known his father. As you can say from his looks, he has mixed blood. His mother Delora Sherleen never specified what exactly are his origins.

According to what Vin Diesel said in his interviews he has something Italian, Cuban and African-American from his father. His mother herself has English, German and Scotish background. So the story is very complicated as you can see.

The difficulties he has to identify himself ethnically reflected in tough years in school. He overcame a real crisis back then. Maybe that is the reason Vin Diesel often refuses to talk about the years before becoming famous. Imagine how confused a little boy without a father can be in this situation.

Especially when he has a twin brother, who looks nothing like him. In school, he was not accepted in any group. Because he was not entirely Italian, nor entirely African-American or Latin.

However, he had luck with his stepfather. The man raised the two boys and gave them a healthy life. He supported them during all the years. Probably their mother would not be able to provide them, especially working as an astrologer.

It is obvious that his stepfather was an important figure in young Marc’s life. He not only took his name Vincent but also the passion for movies and theatre. Although his first meeting with the scene was purely by chance, it became his thing later.

The story is very amusing.

The seven-year-old Vin Diesel entered the Manhattan theater. But the reason he did this was not to go to a play. He and his gang were circling the neighborhood. They intended to break everything and to tell their friends the next day. Unfortunately, they got caught by the artistic director in charge.

This woman influenced his whole life. Instead of calling the police, she gave every kid lines and twenty dollars. She said she is expecting them every day from 4 p.m. for rehearsal. And that is exactly what happened.

How Everything Started

The forced acting was just the beginning for Vin Diesel. As we mentioned before, the theatre was not something unknown to him. His stepfather was teaching acting. I am sure he told him something. Soon the situation at the Manhattan theatre developed in real passion. The actor keeps silence for many parts of his life. Acting though is not one of them.

He shares with the interviewers that he was always one hundred percent sure he will be a movie star and celebrity. Slowly he was walking towards his dream. After the age of seven, he never stopped acting. He even began club bouncing. This occupation gave him strength and formed his physics. His determination to succeed gave him the power to fight and bounce in the night and go to auditions during the day.

Vin Diesel Story of Success; One of The Most Inspiring Actors

At this same time, he was enrolled in a college. He studied English in the so-called Hunter College. Probably the years of hard struggle for the job inspired him to create his first project, which happened to be a great success. For several years he continued to study during the day and fight in the night. Finally, he released his first film project called Multi-Facial.

As expected he tried to somehow put a part of his life story in this film. It tells about an actor, trying to make his way playing different ethnicity, This project of Vin Diesel even took part in the Cannes Festival the same year. Not bad for a starter.

How he Made it to a Hollywood

It was clear for the young Vin Diesel, that if he stays focused on the cinema, there is a great future ahead. That is why he had to drop college, so he can go with his next film to be produced.

His next film was called Strays. Again Vin Diesel was the producer, director and acting in the main role. The story is about a drug addict and dealer, trying to deal with his emotions.

This time he did not make it to the Cannes. But the film was included in the program of the Sundance Film Festival in the year 1997. His different and exciting work attracted the attention of the big names in Holywood.

Behind his real breakthrough stays the name of Spielberg itself. He gave him a role in the movie hit Saving Private Ryan. It was a big trampoline for the young Vin Diesel and made his way to one of his most recognizable character of Riddick.

But as the first part was a real box-office movie, the second turned to failure. Besides this, he was ready for his life. The real fame and recognition came with the character of Dominic Toretto.

He is a child of the street, driving fast cars and earning money from that. He has his closest friends and sister as his family, which he protects at all costs. The Fast and the Furious franchise became one of the most famous and watched sequences.

The next episodes are due to come out in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Of course with Vin Diesel playing the leading role again. This movie together with the Triple X formed his image as an action star. People always expected him to play roles of a hero with many many fights. He has some comedy attempts though like his role in the Pacifier movie.

Mark’s Family

Though the childhood of Vin Diesel was not very happy, his family now seems like a dreamed one. From 2007 on he is in a relationship with the model Paloma Jimenez.

She gave birth to his three beautiful children – two girls and one boy. Rumors said that back in the early years of shooting Fast and Furious he was romantically involved with Michele Rodrigez.

It is an often seen situation.

Many relationships in Hollywood began on the set. But few of them lasted for long. Even though today he is rich and famous and travel a lot, he did not have many entertainments before. He lived with his twin brother Paul and his mother. He still has not met his birth father. At the age of three, he got his stepfather Vincent. This decent man raised him like he was his child.

They were not very rich, even with two parents working. That is because his stepdad has two daughters to support from his previous marriage. You can see that in this situation the money was never enough. It was a good thing that young Marc was interested in sports.

Having nothing else to do the whole day, he was training for long hours. The only thing he had enough money for was going to the cinema. And he did that every time it was possible.


Today the loving father of three Vin Diesel cannot complain that he is bored and has too many free time. He became inseparable part from the Avengers movies. Sometimes with partial roles, and sometimes he is just a voice. There are many projects ahead for him. As we mentioned, we would see him in the next two parts of the Fast and Furious sequence. There is a plan for the next episode of Triple X as well. It is expected to entertain the audience in future years.

He still is memorating his best friend Paul Walker every year. During the shooting of the Fast and Furious episodes, they built a solid friendship. It was a significant loss for the whole crew and Vin Diesel himself when Paul died in 2013. Diesel always shared how close there were, and he is still feeling his presence. He even named one of his daughters after him – Pauline.

Besides the grief for his lost friend, the actor has big plans for the future. He is always working on something. It does not matter if he is in the leading role or just producing. His passion for the cinema can be easily seen. Maybe we can expect another small member of the Diesel family soon. The tabloids continue to spread the news that he and Paloma are breaking up.

Till this moment they are still together, and he is working hard. Only the future will show whether his family will overcome the challenges of the life of Holywood superstar.

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