What’s a Healthy Lifestyle?

A Healthy Lifestyle means a way of living

A Healthy Lifestyle means a way of living, which prevents our risk to fall seriously ill, or which helps us from dying very early in life.

However, the implication of a healthy lifestyle goes deep down than how people try to explain it in a few words. Today, people are caught with deadly diseases as easily as we all catch a cough and cold.

In today’s date, almost every disease ends up resulting in death, leaving an ordinary man with no solution within their reach; leaving a person hopeless, as there is nothing in their hands anymore. It is a fact that not all diseases can are preventable.

However, some conditions which occur due to heart health and lung health can be stopped and can be taken care of. You can avoid deaths caused by coronary heart health diseases and lung cancer if you choose proper measures of medication, and a new lifestyle is adopted to improvise the health.

The technology is ever evolving, and our scientists are always on their toes to find new solutions, medications, and therapies when it comes to health and chronic diseases. Our scientists have reached vast breadths and lengths to discover, that certain types of behavior trigger early deaths.

It is the particular type of health affecting habits that we have adapted, and the behavior and attitude that we have grown towards our health, has led to the augmentation of non- communicable diseases. It is we, ourselves who have contributed to these factors, and these factors cause ill health and the risk of early deaths.

You cannot determine good health by only avoiding any disease. In a broader and positive perspective; it is about the ultimate care of our mental, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing. It is a common belief that if a person is not attracting any diseases that are deadly, then that person is healthy. We pay much less attention to our mental, spiritual and social health.

spiritual and social health

Everything is not exactly the way it seems to be. A body that looks physically fit on the outside might not be fit from the inside. It is just an illusion to the eyes. The definition of fitness runs deeper than only a few words that describe it.

When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you are not just changing your own life, but also the growth of other individuals who are connecting to you in some of the different ways. These could be the people who are in your family, who are in your friend circle, with whom you work at the workplace or whom you see every day on the subway.

“Take care of your body; it is the only place you have to live”- Jim Rohn.

You inspire people in unknown and magical ways, and you too get inspiration from strange places and unexpected people. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you are becoming a role model to someone, you are helping someone live an extra few years, you are helping someone live his or her dreams without the tension of his or her health, and you are letting someone live without the burden of financial issues caused due to health. It is more than you think of it to be.

Let’s understand the terms health, life, and style individually

  • Health Health is a person’s state of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual condition. It is a state, where you are free from any illnesses, diseases or injury.
  • LifeLife is nothing, but simply the existence of any living human being or animal on earth. It is a period that starts from your birth and ends only during your death.
  • Style - Style is a particular form that an individual follows, which distinguishes him/her from other individuals. It is the distinctive principles that the person has dedication with for the healthy living.

Healthy living lets you enjoy your life

Healthy living lets you enjoy your life

Just imagine these few lines: you are in your 40’s remembering how you have worked hard in your early days. You studied the whole day and whole nights to crack that one examination. You sacrificed all your life pleasures which were quite reasonable for the people who partied every day and enjoyed each day of their lives. You forgot what going out was, and struggled hard to get into one of the best universities of your particular course.

You get into the university and put all your hard work and efforts into getting a degree, some recognized certificates and vast experience in your concerned field. As soon as you complete your education, you are on a hunt for a good job. The only thought that kept you going all this while was the thought that one day you would live a life of your dreams, and it is okay to sacrifice your today for your tomorrow.

You do get selected for a few jobs, and you keep on switching from companies to companies, and industries to industries until you find a job where you see your life to be finally in a settled position. You buy a house, you marry the person whom you love, and you are one day blessed with the loveliest children in the world.

life to be finally in a settled positionBack to the present, today you are in your 40’s, the stage of your life, the whole experience you had been patiently waiting for; The stage of your life that would finally pay off for all the days you had spent working hard and sacrificing momentary pleasures. However, you did everything, only to know that your body identifies with some severe health issues. You have developed some chronic heart issues, your bones feel weak, and your knees already pain at such a young age.

Was all the hard work and sacrifice worth it? Was all of it worth it, to entirely get nothing in return? It is the smallest things that add up to the most significant elements. It is the slightest attention that you pay to your health; it is the most modest measures that you take for a healthy life. Working your whole life tremendously, and then developing health issues at the age of 40, is not the ideal life, it is not the life that you would want to live, or you would want your loved ones to live, or you would want your children to follow.

If you are someone who is always geared up with the thought that ‘I want to adopt a healthy diet and routine,’ then you could be someone who would live up to 100 years too, that too with a fit and excellent body.

You could enjoy the best pleasures of life, live around the people whom you love and travel the large breadths and lengths to explore the beautiful world in which you were born. It is never too late to think of adopting a healthy lifestyle. You can start it from any day, anytime. You can start it from right now.

Tobacco: saying no to Tobacco!

saying no to Tobacco

Starting with what you should cut down on for the healthy living

The risk to your health

Smoking is a significant factor in itself that reduces your lifespan. It sufficiently poses all type of health risks and diseases single-handedly. Cutting down on cigarettes can be very difficult in the beginning. We are sure that you must have tried a million times before to stop smoking, but you have not been able to do it.

Smoking might seem like a stress reliever and a pain reliever. However, it is an illusion that you let your mind to create for yourself. The term ‘stress reliever’ is just an excuse you are feeding yourself, so that you can exercise this harmful habit of yours, with a little less guilt.

Smoking does not only pose health risks, but it also affects your character development. Your stamina and your capacity, everything gets reduced due to smoking. If you are an athlete or are someone who is into sports, then you must have realized by now that your capacity and stamina has decreased due to smoking. You cannot play football or swim as well as you used to before, as breathing techniques are very much crucial for these sports.

Time and again, some so many people are reported to have caused deadly diseases due to smoking. Smoking can cause some serious risks to you. That is, respiratory illnesses, coronary heart diseases, and it can even cause cancer. Some cases have reported causing tumors and cists, in lungs as well.

A risk to your family

who smokes, develops serious health issues

It is not only the individual, who smokes, develops serious health issues, but it is also the family of the individual who suffers. When you are dragging around your family members, they unknowingly become passive smokers, which pose an even higher risk to their health.

They can develop respiratory illnesses, irritation in the chest and nose, and ear and throat infections as well. Your family’s chance of getting affected can be increased by two-three times if you smoke.

In a family, if a baby gets exposed to tobacco, then there can be a risk of infant death. Your children will develop respiratory illnesses and throat and nose infections at such a tender age. Also, seeing their elders practicing such habits, a child will follow in their footsteps too.

Children do not learn by what you teach them, they learn by what examples do you set for them. If you are someone who is pregnant, then smoking can damage your baby’s health. The baby will not take birth as healthy as it is supposed to be.

Smoking does not only causes health tensions in a family, but it creates conflicts too. A single chain smoker in the family can break apart a family with anxiety, distress, and daily fights.

Many a time people who give into smoking, are not anymore able to take control of their lives that is they practically leave everything and become a victim of tobacco.

Tobacco affects the personal life of the individual and the family members.
If you do not smoke, then you should not start it. And if you are a smoker, then you should take all the efforts to stop smoking.

Alcohol: saying no to alcohol for a healthy lifestyle

saying no to alcohol for a healthy lifestyle

It is not only the adults who indulge with alcohol, but it is also the kids these days. Nowadays, everything has come to children’s reach very quickly. The influence of alcohol increases amongst the kids, due to two primary reasons. First one is seeing an elder do it, who might be of potential importance on that child, and the second one is due to a kind of peer pressure. Whether you are a child or an elder, it will equally destroy both of your livelihood.

Effects of alcohol abuse

Effects of alcohol abuse

It is okay to consume alcohol every once in a while. However, it is more important to have control over drinking, as it may take power over you before you even know it. It is difficult to cut down on alcohol because it interferes with a person’s ability of decision making, and it stops a person from differentiating what is real and what is delusional. It weakens the motor skills and the thinking capacity. It is hazardous for the character development of any individual.

Risks to your health

The consumption of alcohol poses many significant threats to health. Overconsumption of liquor can result in distorted vision, distorted hearing and distorted coordination. It can also lead to impaired judgments. Impaired judgments are dangerous than they seem to be. That is, it can lead to accidents, it can lead to you drowning, choking or showing any other risky behavior.

Cirrhosis and cancer of the liver can get caused due to too much consumption of alcohol. You can also suffer from loss of appetite, some severe vitamin deficiencies, and stomach ailments. Alcohol consumption weakens the nervous system, and can damage the heart, and can also lead to memory loss.

Also, if you are someone who is looking out to reducing weight, then you must cut down on alcohol as much as possible, as many people have reported that, alcohol increases weight. Also, to adopt a healthy lifestyle, obesity is not something which you are looking out to add it to your lifestyle.

The alcoholic beverages have a high count of calories in them. Therefore they are a significant factor that contributes to tremendous weight gain and obesity. It can also lead to an array of heart problems, and to type 2 diabetes.

Risks to your family

Risks to your family

A lot of alcoholics’ families and lives break apart. No one sees an alcoholic with good respect in the society, due to the type of life the individual has adopted for himself. Every year there are so many alcohol consumption cases heard and forgotten, but an individual destroys his life forever behind the heavy consumption of liquor, that is alcohol abuse.

An alcoholic person who consumes alcohol for every little thing gets addicted to it. The reasons can be being sad, happy, frustrated, and angry or because of the company he stays in. This addiction slowly and unknowingly weakens his ability to decide what is right for him, and what actions should he take. A person who is all devoted to alcohol becomes lost in life, that is he has no more goals or ambitions in life.

What’s a Healthy Lifestyle?

This, in turn, creates distress amongst the family members. The individual’s existence has no meaning anymore. Therefore, to drink alcohol, one must be responsible enough to take care of himself and understand his surroundings.

It breaks down families, and it becomes challenging to run a house. Many alcoholics give into crimes. If they do not have enough money to buy a liquor bottle, then they will commit anti-social activities to earn money somehow, for example, a robbery.

Alcoholics also are reported to be beating their wife and children when they have lost all of their senses. Therefore it also gives rise to domestic violence.

Therefore all of this affects the mental, emotional and physical health of families. And mental, emotional and spiritual health is as important as physical health to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Physical activities for a healthy lifestyle

Physical activity plays a vital role in an individual's life.

A person should never leave the touch of physical activities from their life. Physical activity plays a vital role in an individual’s life. You can incorporate a little bit of exercise into your daily schedule. Anything as little as 15 minutes of walk daily can create miracles for your health.

It is the heart that needs to be healthy, and a 15-minute walk can surely make a massive difference to your health and your lifestyle. It is the activeness of the body that helps you to stay mentally and physically fit almost every day till the last days of your life.

How does physical activity help you?

It charges up the three main components of your body. They are strength, stamina, and suppleness. When you are performing any activity like walking, running or playing any sport, your body produces heat and gives you the signal that your internals, and the organs inside your body, all are awake and stimulating themselves to maintain and naturally repair the organs inside of you.

They help the body to get into action, and your organs will start associating themselves with fitness. Your bones, joints, and muscles all of them will get improvised, stiff and rigid. They all will tend to stay younger if you keep them busy. What happens if you do not expose your body to any physical activity?

Risks to your health without physical fitness

Risks to your health without physical fitness

You can attract many diseases to your body and health if you show a lack of interest towards any physical activity. You can develop coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and the chances of strokes. You will also tend to become obese and will end up having a flabby body. Breathlessness, little energy, and stiff joints are other issues that a person who does not exercise, faces. You can also have osteoporosis and a very poor body posture.

Risks to your family without physical fitness

how can the absence of physical activity in your body

You must be wondering, how can the absence of physical activity in your body, cause risks to your family? There are many ways, in which it can happen so. No physical fitness can result into a lack of energy or sexual drive for your sexual relationship. You will also have a lack of enthusiasm for your children or grandchildren, to play with them and to spend some quality time with them.

If you are not someone who is fitness oriented, then you will pass on the same traits to them. As they look at you as a role model, you are the person who sets examples for them. Therefore it is imperative to incorporate the value of fitness in children from a very young age.

Balancing strength, stamina, and suppleness

Balancing strength, stamina, and supplenessMany people might be physically active in their ways and terms; however, if you are not making use of all the body parts of your body, then you have more miles to go. You will need to find ways and opportunities to balance stamina, strength, and suppleness in your body, to stay fit in a right manner.

Today, everyone who is living in a city has developed the western culture in themselves. And those whom all are living in towns are also in the process of adopting the lifestyle of the west. The adoption of western civilization has reduced the human labor and has made way for technology and internet to do everything for them.

Taking a bus, or riding a scooter, instead of walking to nearby distances; Using a roti maker, instead of making rotis all by yourself, or calling a beautician to your home, instead of walking down to the beauty parlor all by yourself, shows that how technology has taken the place of human labor.

Even if you are performing everyday chores, that require your hands to stretch out, legs to work, and body to flex, then you are opting for a physically fit method of completing a task without even knowing about it.

It is difficult to make time for anything new apart from your daily schedule of today’s rushed up and busy life. That is why one way to do so is by incorporating it into your daily routine. Walk down to the subway, instead of taking the bus.

Walk down to and back from college, bring a cycle to your workplace, or go to do grocery shopping by foot. You will not even know that when you completed the 15 minutes daily regime. This is an excellent way to stick to physical activity.

Why is there a need for movement in the body?

Why is there a need for movement in the body?

Stamina – stamina increases your ability to carry out or perform any activity in the aspect of time and durability. Stamina develops a proper circulation process for your heart and lungs, which increases your ability, and you do not get tired quickly, or have to stop in between of any activity to catch your breath.

Your heartbeat becomes slower, and powerful, which means that you can cope up with exercises which are more prolonged and heavy. Therefore stamina is essential and physical fitness is necessary to boost up the strength.

Strength – how will you perform activities for long durations, if you do not have the power to carry them out? Exercising increases your strength. Your body requires strong bones and toned muscles which will help you to complete the physical work. As you keep exercising daily and keep improving your capability, you will notice a difference in the muscular parts of your body.

Your body will go under the process of wear and tear, which will, in turn, grow out new muscle flesh in your body. The muscles of your trunk and thigh will get all toned up. They will become stronger than before, and you will not experience and strains or injuries. Also, the strength and the ability help you to become immune to the pain of small cuts and wounds eventually.

Suppleness suppleness increases the flexibility between your joints, neck, bones, and spine. This flexibility and smoothness help in the movements of the joints. However, how is the suppleness helpful? Suppleness increases the mobility of these joints and bones and keeps the ligaments away from getting a sprain or the muscles and tendons from getting pulled. You will also experience no aches or pains in the joints, as they are lubricated at all times.

Simple exercises for physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle

practice all the kind of activities

There are a few exercises that will bring endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance to your mind and body. You must not only focus on one activity or any one type of action that will benefit a specific area of your body. You must practice all the kind of activities that will equally bring endurance, strength, flexibility, and stamina to you.

Brisk walking, jogging, and dancing

Brisk walking, jogging, and dancing

Brisk walking, jogging, and dancing are all aerobic activities, and they will increase your breathing rate and heart rate. These three simple exercises increase your endurance and help in keeping your heart, lungs, and circulatory system all healthy. Thus it results in overall fitness. If you carry out these practices, you will realize that the increased endurance helps in performing the daily tasks.

Lifting weights, using a resistance band, making use of own body weight

Lifting weights

These three activities will help in elevating your body’s strength. They make the muscle stronger, and you will be able to lift and hold things that are heavier. They can also help you stay independent, as everyday activities just become comfortable, and you do not have to depend on anybody to help you with those regular chores. The daily activities like going grocery shopping, or climbing up steep slopes become a very easy task. These exercises we can say it as a resistance training or strength training.

Tai chi, standing on one foot, heal to toe walk

Tai chi, standing on one foot, heal to toe walk

Performing these exercises you can gain balance for the body. If you can balance your body, then you can also be good at meditation, as this type of activity needs a lot of concentration, focus and the ability to keep the mind calm and composed.

This exercise helps in preventing falling. This is a common tendency in older adults, who fall often, and falling has significant consequences at an older age. These exercises strengthen your lower body, and therefore you can master the ability of proper balancing.

Shoulder and upper arm stretch, calf stretch, and yoga

Shoulder and upper arm stretch

These activities help in stretching your muscles and making your body flexible. Flexibility is not something a person is especially born with, but you can master flexibility. Flexibility gives you a sense of freedom, and it makes you feel light. You become more flexible regarding carrying out everyday activities than getting dressed or cleaning the house. Therefore exercises like calf stretch, shoulder, and upper arm stretch, and yoga is beneficial for the body and definitely for a healthy lifestyle.

If you start exercising, you will start noticing the positive changes in your body. If you don’t use the amount of food that you consume in the form of energy, then you will store fat in your body. And fat is not an excellent choice for your health. The more you will exercise, the more you will sleep better and will be able to perform at work better. There will always be a drive and zest of energy inside of you, which will radiate energy to other people as well.

Healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle

Food is the ultimate source of energy

Food is the ultimate source of energy that keeps your body going. No matter how much do you cut down on bad habits, and adopt physical activities for physical fitness, you need to eat healthy, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The food that you eat determines your body shape, structure, your health, and your lifespan. The healthier you will eat, the longer you will live.

It is a general misconception that healthy food is not tasty. Healthy eating can be delicious, only if you prepare it in the right way. You must love the food that you eat. After all, what is food about, if it is not the taste. Delicious, scrumptious, and a heavenly smell of the food, is what makes us drool every time, and make us crave for more. It is tough to tackle your cravings, but it is not impossible.

With a will, you can grab anything that you know is not good for you and you can adapt anything that you know is important to you. Therefore, it is essential to love the food that we eat, as it will make us want to eat more. You can explore and find ways that make your healthy food drool worthy for you. Identify the styles you love to eat your veggies. Do you like them dressed in a salad, or do you want them roasted and buttered?

If you do not eat healthy food, then what will happen to you? You will gain weight, and eventually, you will turn obese. Healthy food regulates your body, and uses all the nutrients and vitamins as a source of energy and uses them up. Whereas, junk food, do not come of any use. They are not a source of strength and are only useful in taste. Therefore they start getting stored as fat.

Risks to you if you do not eat healthy food

Good food connects to the right heart. The more you will eat food rich in nutrients, proteins, and vitamins, the more your heart will pump blood in a better way, and it will stay healthy. Therefore the absence of healthy food can lead to heart-related diseases like coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.

Overeating animal fat is also not good for the body; you must eat it according to your body needs. The absence of healthy food can also cause non-insulin dependent diabetes, joint pain, and constipation. Constipation occurs if your body is not receiving the required amount of fiber.

Risks to your family if all of you do not eat healthy food

Even your family will suffer from coronary heart disease if healthy food is absent. Also, lousy food eating habits will get developed among the children, and they will not acquire the taste of a healthy diet if you don’t feed them with it at a tender age. Therefore a good food eating habit must be developed among the children.

You must choose the right food for yourself and your family. It is not about eating for the weight and the height of the body. But it is about eating everything in proportion and maintains a balanced diet. So that your body receives every vital nutrient that is important and reaches its maximum limit of healthiness.

A balanced diet incorporates everything: meat, fish and pulses; milk and dairy products; vegetables and fruits; fats, oils, and sugar; potatoes, slices of bread, rice and serials. All of these are an essential part of the hierarchy, and you are need to consume every hierarchy for a healthy lifestyle.

Potatoes, slices of bread, rice, and serials

These foods are high in energy and keep you charged

These foods are high in energy and keep you charged throughout the day to complete all your tasks. These foods are not very fattening if you remove the starch from them and then consume them. These starchy foods are a storehouse to proteins, vitamins, and minerals and starch. You must incorporate them in most meals of the day.

One must consume whole grain cereals as they are rich in fiber and improve our digestive system and cure constipation. They also help in regulating a poor bowl system. If you eat potatoes with iron-containing foods, then you will be able to tackle anemia as they are rich in vitamin C. Therefore, potatoes, pieces of bread, rice and serials must be a part of your meal every day.

Vegetables and fruits

A person must eat at least one fruit daily, and eat vegetables in enormous amounts. They are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. All the necessary minerals and vitamins that you require for your body, you will find them in these different vegetables and fruits. Try to eat as many of them as you can, and try to eat the seasonal fruits and vegetables.

With every season as your body clock changes, try eating these fruits and vegetables according to their seasons as well. You can make fruit bowls and vegetable bowls, or smoothies and juices to make the dish appealing and yummier to eat. To your preparations, add beans and lentils as well. This will spice up the taste and will make a meal healthy as well. Consume iron-containing food as well. That is the green vegetables. Iron-containing foods are good for the eyes.

Meat, fish, and pulses

You must consume meat that is high in unsaturated fat

You must consume meat that is high in unsaturated fat. Saturated fat is not good for the body, as consuming too much of saturated fat can make you ill. Therefore, you must eat food like oily fish, chicken, turkey, duck, eggs, beans, and lentils. Eating fish is very healthy for the body. Therefore you must eat as many types of fish as you can. They are perfect for the eyes, skin, hair, and bones and are rich in proteins.

Pulses like beans, lentils, and peas help in the nourishment of the body. Meat, fish, and legumes are all high in proteins and are bodybuilding food. Therefore you must incorporate at least thrice a week into your diet.

Milk and dairy products

Milk, cheese, and yogurt are all perfect for the body

Milk, cheese, and yogurt are all perfect for the body, as they are rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, then you must drink milk as much as you can. It is the source of all the energies and milk is high in calcium. Calcium helps in strengthening our bones and teeth. Therefore you must drink at least a glass of milk daily.

Fats, oils, and sugar

Fats, oil, and sugar must be the least consumed

Fats, oil, and sugar must be the least consumed. Health experts place them on the top of the hierarchy of the food pyramid. These fats, oils, and sugar are needed, but they are not required in high quantities and amount as well. You can limit them to just grilling, boiling, and steaming. And you can restrict them just for the taste as well.

Healthy living is pocket-friendly

Anything that is natural, that you attain naturally from your mind, body, and nature will not cost you, your pocket. A healthy lifestyle does not let you have a better living, but it also lowers down your expenses. It helps you save money. Alcohol and a pack of cigarettes on a daily basis become an unnecessary burden. When you cut down on these two, you will see the vast difference.

When you encourage yourself to eat only nutrients, and vitamins which are essential for your body, you save money that you usually spend on going to restaurants, cafes, or clubs. Preparing your mean is the best kind of meal. Incorporating vegetable and fruit juice into your diet is not only healthy but is also tasty and pocket-friendly.

healthy living benefits you financiallyAlso, one does not have to spend money on a gym. You can get the same kind of fitness, at home too. Just 15 minutes of home exercises, walking and jogging can make the whole difference in the world. Therefore, healthy living benefits you financially also.

Your soul was born only with your body, and your soul will rest in peace only with your body. Your body is the only place, where your soul will live forever. Therefore, do not forget to treat it like a temple. Eating the right food in a balanced diet, keeping your physical body fit, and cutting down on what is not right for you, will result in enormous changes.

These changes are positive and very much essential for a better lifestyle. These changes will keep you forever young, energetic and glowing. Therefore, by following some simple tips in mind, adopt a healthy lifestyle like never before and aim for a better living!
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