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🎼Why is listening to music relieve stress?

In the modern-day world, stress has become an epidemic in our life and is one of the primary reasons people can’t be productive in their day to day work. But did you know that you can release the stress through the power of music?

Just turn on the tunes and blast those beats, while you watch the results coming in- listening to music is right for you.

While some people love listening to mellow tunes, some may like to fill their mind with twangs of the guitar when trying to relax. However, there are also some foot pressure points that help alleviates stress and anxiety, but music is a fantastic alternative that doesn’t take time from your busy schedule, and you can use in parallel while conducting other activities.

We’ll discuss these pressure points and their connection with music later in this post.

As per the research at Stanford University, listening to music can change the brain functioning to a similar extent as medication. The music is a useful stress management tool that can help you get through difficult times. Music holds a strange healing power, which is not only evident in research but also some famous quotes.

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” ― Billy Joel

Now let’s trace back to the history of music

In all the walks of life, music has played a prominent role in the lifecycles of a human even before we can speak. Voice was the first and the most natural way of expression in the lives of our distant ancestors who loves to use the music to comfort a sleepless child or bond socially.

These humble beginnings are the reasons for the evolution of music that we enjoy today to distress ourselves. The music brings peace to the soul.

It is also clear from this quote:

“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.” – Kahlil Gibran

Moving further through the history of music will give you enough evidence of its crucial role in different settings. Some historiographers confirm that there are six music periods and each period of music has a specific style that gave a significant contribution to the presence of today’s music.

The music is not only universal but also subjective and relative wherein one person is inclined to a particular style of music while another person may prefer others.

For some people, good music is what that comes from the great musicians like Bob Marley or Enya or even something as simple as bird’s chirping. Take a moment to ponder what music you like as you read this post.

If you like listening to songs on headsets, then you should always use the high-quality earphones because they can only render you with the excellent quality of music you need to calm your senses and relieve the stress.

My personal opinion is:

if you invest in some low-quality headset, you won’t be able to enjoy the music and peace because of the lousy sound quality and other poor features

Given the below foot pressure points, you can understand some obvious benefits, one of them is relieving stress while listening to music.

LV 3 (Tai Chong): LV 3 is a pressure point in between the big toe and second toe. Or you can say where the tendons meet. So, applying firm pressure on this point for only a few seconds is known to target stress, anxiety, anger, irritability and many other issues that can be the cause of stress.

LV 1 (Da Dun): It is located about an inch from the toenail corner, towards the inner side of the big toe.

KD 1 (Yong Quan): This is one of perfect foot pressure points known to relieve stress at its best. This point is below the joint of the big toe, the point because of which you can relax and feel ease. Pressing this point for two or three minutes helps to get rid of stress, anxiety or depression.

Tai Bai: You can find this in the middle, near the ball of your foot. Apply pressure along the side until you see the depression point on the middle side of the foot.

Shen Mai: You can find this pressure point outside your ankle (the lateral malleolus).And pressing this point reduces the high level of stress.

Qiu X: This point is at the bony bump on the outside of your ankle. Use your thumb and index finger to get this acupoint. This point has a direct link to reduce mental stress, improve your mood and thus promotes your mental stability.

Kun Lun: This point is the depression spot between the highest point of your bony ankle and your Achilles tendon.

Tai Xi: It’s one of the significant foot pressure points that you can find by pressing on the part between your Achilles tendon and the bony bump on your ankle.

Xing Jian: To find this pressure point, you can use your thumb, and index finger to apply slight pressure on the thick skin between the big toe and second toe. The intense pressure at this point is a sign that this is the correct point.

Li Nei Ting: You can locate this point on the underside of your foot, just between your second and third toes. It feels sore when you rub at this point.

Xia Li: Find this pressure point underneath the connected web between the big and second toes, which is an inch below the adjacent skin portion on the upper side of your foot.

Zu Lin Qi: You can locate this point easily by running your finger one-third of the way down along the exterior of your foot.

GaoYaXue Dian: This small pressure point lies on the upper side in the center of your large toe.

Di Er Li Dui: This is another of the foot pressure points on feet below the toenail of your second toe.

Di San Li Dui: The 15th and last one pressure point are also present in the toe area. It is also present on the middle toe, just below the toenail.

Keeping the context of the topic in mind, we could say that music is one solution that can keep all your worries at bay, while not only providing you calmness and meditative state in an instant way but help you to take the edge of stress as well.

What type of music can reduce stress in the best possible manner

Music like Celtic, Native American, drums and flutes, Indian stringed-instruments, light jazz, classical sounds of rain, thunder & nature sounds, and easy listening music are a practical solution that helps in relaxing the mood and ultimately the stress. And this works even when you play the music in a moderately loud tone.

However, you are your ultimate judge, to label what kind of “relaxing music” fits your choice. If one option is not working for you, you can explore other options that help you naturally relax. It also depends on the taste and nature of the person. After all, putting on music that speaks to your soul is known to change your mood and reduce your stress level.


How music helps in relieving stress

Music directly relates to emotions, and nobody knows better than your songs in your favorite playlist will make you smile and laugh. So, if you’re feeling little stressed out, why not explore your favorite tunes?

Just plug in best headsets like V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-ear Headphones and Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-ear Headphones your year and start listening! This will help to instantly elevate your mood and bust away from the stresses playing on your mind.

Several studies and claims show listening to music help reduce the levels of anxiety that is also one of the primary reasons behind increasing stress levels.

Music as a stress-busting therapy

According to McGill University review, “listening to music not only helps in reducing the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the body, but it also improves the function of the immune system as well. It is found to be more effective than prescribed medicines in reducing patient anxiety before surgery.”

As music holds the potential to influence us both the ways- psychologically and physiologically, it plays a vital role in stress management. It can reduce tension and facilitate the relaxation response. Music is often more compatible with relaxation than verbal stimuli, which causes a distraction as music is processed only in non-verbal areas of the brain. It also helps identify and express feelings related to stress.

How the music connects with you

As life is sometimes very hard or stressful, there is a need to unwind yourself and let all your stress pass away. Always, first, load up your favorite playlist and then carry out your errands, while you’re dancing around your house. This is a great way to find a new calm self in you, allowing your mind and body to relax.

Closing note

Finally, as by now, you know that there are a lot of ways in which music can help you calm down and make your life stress free. While stress has become a common sight in people these days, that doesn’t mean that you have to live only in that way.

Music will always have a versatile and significant role to play in our life. Because the concept of music exists around for several millenniums and till date, it’s a crucial part of cultures across the world.

Especially, when it comes to stress, music can have a profound effect on your lives. Listening to music allows you to live life the way you want to live. So, don’t wait for anything? Upload your favorite playlist and enhance life with all the beauty that it beholds.

How Does Music Affect the Brain?


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