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Planning an autumn getaway; Why London should be top of your list?

Why London should be top of your list?

London has a variety of places available to everyone. From restaurants to sightseeing, London is packed full of activities for the family and for those seeking a more thrilling night-life experience this autumn. Here is a list of things London has to offer, which should be definitely on top of your bucket list of autumn getaways this year:


London has a variety of sights to interest everyone. From the London Eye to the London Tower and many more – including the Kew Garden, River Thames, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.

For a family adventure check out Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf and Harry Potter Studios for a fun-filled day out. Special to Halloween, Warner Bros. Studio Tour are doing a Hogwarts After Dark event which is perfect for a spooky family adventure.

Halloween events

Certain Halloween events are on this autumn all around the city.

Some events include the Twisted Circus Halloween Festival, the Pirates of the River Thames Boat Party, the West End Musical Brunch Halloween Special, The Horniman Halloween Fair, and the Buffy The Vampire Halloween event in Shoreditch. Before you go to any of these parties don’t forget to pick the most extravagant Halloween costume from here.

Timeout states that ‘London has got one hell of a party line up. If you’re not big on the Halloween scene, make sure you at least squeeze in a good firework display or find some other way to enjoy this magnificent season in the city’. So with so much going on, you should definitely choose London as your autumn getaway destination – even if it is just to party or spend some time with family.


Choosing a place to stay can be tiresome. But choosing a place that can accommodate all your needs is important for a successful trip away.

Comfort and practicality are the two main things that should be on your list when looking for hotels in London.

Lucky for you, the city of London has hotels suitable for everyone. The Dorsett hotel in Aldgate has two restaurants, a 24-hour gym and a rooftop terrace bar which is perfect for a night-time drink. There are also loads of budget-friendly hotels in many areas, you just have to browse around for the perfect match!


The restaurants open this autumn are spookily delicious!

Experience cuisine from around the world and enjoy brunch, dinner and dessert in loads of exciting places. The Town has a list of some Halloween dining and drinking places, including ‘The Dead Dolls House whose starters include BBQ pulled pork with pumpkin and ricotta quiche and whose mains consist of lamb and mint caramel and pumpkin arancini with cheesy sauce and balsamic potatoes.

Other places include the All-Star Lanes restaurant that features a special Stranger Things themed menu and the Dominique Ansel Bakery that features Halloween themed cookies and desserts.

Whatever treats you desire, London has a huge variety for you to indulge in.

What are you looking forward to doing the most on your autumn getaway?


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